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Feng Shui Heart

(A Brief Introduction to Feng Shui, its application, and how it may maximize life forces and the physical environment we live in.)

Feng Shui:
 The art of making space life affirming. The art and science of Compassion applied to the formation of Life Affirming Space.


Feng Shui Physics Master
An individual who has trained many years in the advanced Sciences, Arts, and Disciplines of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Martial Arts, Monastic Spiritual Tantras, Harmonics of Music, Communication, Warriorship, Logistics, and Somatics to embody Compassion as applied to the formation of Life Affirming Space.

A person skilled in the application and integration of the relationship among and between the physical, spiritual, emotional, and non-seen dimensions to manifest the highest level of harmonies in individuals, couples or groups and their physical environment(s). 


Life Affirming Space - In the simplest terms, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The intrinsic value of living in a space designed by a Feng Shui Physics Master is that the space is designed from center to circumference. The combined disciplines and years of study allow the Feng Shui Physics Master a rare ability to create a physical space that authentically interacts with the occupier on an intuitive unseen level. The integration and application of these disciplines manifest as a physical environment that maximizes physical, spiritual and emotional day-to-day living. The space and the occupier of the space experience a real time maximization of their physical energy throughout their day as well as a non measurable movement toward enhanced body/emotion and spiritual maximization. A Feng Shui Physics Master can not cure illness but can, with the input of the space occupier, create a physical area that can maximize function and concomitantly promote the harmonization of the spiritual/material worlds.

The Feng Shui Heart of a City
(excerpt from our upcoming book)

The space, time, matter, energy continuum contains many types of structures: atoms, molecules, plants, animals, cities, nations, planets, ……. These may be classified by their level of organization and composition: subatomic, micro, macro, bio, eco, and others.   The study of energy as it applies to the subatomic, micro, and macro levels in particular, and to higher levels of organization too -   bio, eco, etc., is called chemical thermodynamics.  The laws of thermodynamics are well understood and universally accepted for atoms, molecules, ions, and physical samples. 

Larger more complicated structures like the human body and ecological systems such as cities are beginning to be better understood within the scientific community as energy systems, although they have been studied that way in the East for many centuries.  One way to study the energy of the human body, as a structure higher in organization than macro, is called acupuncture.  There are others: yoga, tai chi, bioenergetics, and the like. 

The study of energy of ecological structures such as cities and animal habitats is called Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is defined to be the art of making space life affirming.  Naturally there is overlap between chemical thermodynamics, acupuncture, and Feng Shui because of the Principle of Mutual Codependent Arising, that part of The Law of Supreme Ultimate Compassion which expresses the continuity of the space, time, matter, energy continuum. 


 What makes a structure in the space, time, matter, energy continuum sentient is a topic for another discussion.  It is the position of Feng Shui that eco structures such as cities and cultures are sentient.  Whether or not the structure is sentient, it is part of this continuum and therefore subject at that level to the laws which govern it: thermodynamics, acupuncture, Feng Shui, or whatever. 

Looking at sentient structures from the point of view of energy has several advantages.  One is that the needs of the person, the city, etc. can be better ascertained and met.  Another is that the function of the individual in society, the function of a city in a culture, the function of a culture in a planet can all be better identified.


This type of knowledge promotes the uniqueness of the individual, city or culture and at the same time improves the harmony of that person, that city, that culture and that planet. 



Energy is universal to all structures.  Everyone wants more of it. That’s what Feng Shui is all about.



The Phuntsok House is located in the Feng Shui Heart of Cincinnati.  The Feng Shui Heart of a city is that physical location in the city that operates much like the heart in the human body in the sense that it (a) circulates revitalized energy (Chi) to the different areas of the city to nourish and revitalize them and (b) sends inharmonious energy out to be revitalized. 



Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.  It moves constantly from one form to another.  Moreover it can be used to help or to harm.  Energy by itself is neutral

Revitalized energy, called Chi, comes from many sources:  those many acts of kindness and courage that never get reported, those who pray for peace, those who work to heal, those who devote their lives in service of others, those who alleviate suffering in the world, those who open their heart in any situation, those who work for justice, those areas of the earth which protect and revitalize the rest of earth, and many others.


Revitalized energy is always life affirming, life supporting, life nourishing, life expressing, and life giving.


The Feng Shui Heart of a city is the best location in the city for people involved in certain kinds of activities and intentions:








·          people committed to making big changes in their lives and looking for support to make that change;

·          people or organizations that coordinate the activities of others to form a more harmonious, efficient, healthy, and prosperous community or business;

·          people involved in creating liaisons between their community or business and other communities or businesses;



·          organizations who raise money to support those in need;

·          people who are working on ideas which have the potential to revolutionize and improve the world - invention of the computer, invention of the web, etc.;

·          people who need to live and/or work in a urban setting but also need sanctuary; 



·          service oriented groups;

·          people committed to a spiritual path or committed to finding a spiritual path;

·          people involved in “out of the box” creative work; 

·          people in need of sanctuary during periods of great change in their life - illness, divorce, profound personal loss, change of life, change of profession;

·          people committed to supporting other people and groups in service-oriented or creative work, i.e. philanthropists;


·          people involved in creating constructive dialog between groups of different view points but mutual concerns;

·          lawyers and other people who seek a life of public service through politics;

·          shakers and movers of all types

·         people involved in scientific and academic     research which improves quality of life;



·          anyone interested in learning to work with  high amounts of energy (money, power, etc.) using the Law of Supreme Ultimate Compassion;

·          anyone interested in starting or practicing a business using the Law of Supreme Ultimate Compassion;

·          anyone interested in writing books which inspire, heal, comfort, or guide others through difficult times;

·          An urban writing retreat center;


The Phuntsok House Location is the Feng Shui Heart of Cincinnati.


1) The Phuntsok House is located in Up Town Cincinnati, the site of greatest concentration of Universities and Hospitals in the area;

2) The Mighty Oak tree in the front yard - 18 feet around, lush with foliage and acorns, and estimated by some to be over 200 years old, perhaps the oldest oak tree in the city;

3) The remarkably good condition of the house built on this location in 1885;

4) The physical elevation of the Phuntsok House location in Up Town Cincinnati;

5) The successful people who built and who have occupied the property, including two pediatricians;

6) The location of the residence of Suzanne Farrell, the 20th century’s greatest ballerina, from which she left for New York to launch her career;

7) The Physical Center of Transportation for Cincinnati, i.e., that location which gives best access to all other parts of Cincinnati;

8) The proximity to some vital control centers (pulse points) of the city including the Board of Education, Mayerson Academy, EPA, Human Services;

9) The zoning, 01, which is multipurpose, high density urban;

10)  The air currents around the property which stir the wind chimes, fly the flags, banners and wind socks, and generally clean the space;

11) The testimony of many visitors who describe their experience of the Phuntsok House as peaceful, calming, restful, grounding;

12) The concept and web site of The Phuntsok House was conceived and constructed by us at this location;


How The Phuntsok House Interacts with the Feng Shui Heart of Cincinnati .


What makes for a healthy heart?  Good nutrition, exercise, a calm mind, faith, a clean environment, good relationships, satisfying work, money, sex, a good red wine?  The Feng Shui of The Phuntsok House is set up on many levels to accommodate the diverse needs of the people who come there.  But it is also set up to accommodate the needs of its city, culture and planet.  There is no separation.  The function of the Feng Shui heart is to circulate energy through out the city so that revitalized energy - chi - goes where it needs to go to replenish the city, and inharmonious energy goes where it needs to go to become revitalized. 

The Feng Shui of The Phuntsok House strengthens and revitalizes Cincinnati’s Feng Shui heart.  How does it do that?  It does it partly by the Scientific Method.  However, since humans are part of their environment, the Scientific Method - logic, analysis, points of view, measurements, study, research, etc. - is inadequate.  The Scientific Method presumes a subject object relationship between observer and observed.  This approach is a violation of the continuity of the space, time, matter, energy continuum.  Man is more than logic, more than analysis, more than points of view.     

 Hello! Yes, you can interact directly with the space, time, matter, energy continuum.  You are part of it.  And more!   The art of compassionately interacting with one’s environment is called maitre space awareness. Maitre means loving kindness towards oneself.  In simple language, maitre space awareness is  “stopping to smell the roses”.    Maitre is the first step in learning The Law of Supreme Ultimate Compassion.  The Feng Shui of The Phuntsok House was created using maitre space awareness.   Maitre space awareness does not exclude the Scientific Method, it extends it through an open heart.  Feng Shui and the Scientific Method are just two small aspects of The Law of Supreme Ultimate Compassion.  So, what makes for a healthy heart?

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