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"The Magic, Mystery and Outrageous Subtle Humor of Spirituality in the Material World."

"This bed and breakfast could be an answer to the stress of modern life." 

  (Quan Yin - Symbol of Compassion.)

Complimentary Tai Chi Slippers upon arrival. 

Monogrammed Robes in all rooms.

Fresh "Himalayan Air" created through humidity control, polyatomic oxygen generation, and mechanical and electrostatic filtration.

Triple sheeting, noise & light control, adjustable pillows, plush mattresses and inviting seating.

Full spectrum lights to help balance the body through the seasons. You may find yourself feeling more cheerful while here.

Hypo-allergenic oriented smoke-free-pet-free environment, low allergen rugs/draperies and mattresses/pillows encased in anti-dust/mold covers.

"Not your typical lodging spot."

Experience the Magic of a Feng Shui physical space authentically interacting with the occupier on an intuitive unseen level in.


Gentle Glycerin and Cold Cream Soaps  in our guests' rooms. We use Human Friendly laundry/cleaning products.

Shower Chlorine Filtration for fresh skin.

Iron, Ironing Board, Clothes Line.

Filtered water for drinking.

Includes Executive Breakfast at the Forum Grill across the street-  features extended serving hours to meet your visiting and traveling needs. 
Wkdays: 6:30AM.-10:00 AM,  Sat - 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM,  Sun.- 8:00 AM-10:00 AM.

Victorian dining room replete with an 1885 hand-caved, candled fireplace, and a 9 1/2 ' long 17th century replicated refectory table from around which to socialize and enjoy beverages. We refrain from food in the rooms. (House History...read more...)

 A seamless synthesis of the mystical and concrete. 


Enjoy museum quality Tibetan antiques and spiritual iconography in our relaxed meditative atmosphere. The Sitting Room is an inviting space to play the piano, put your feet up, nap, read a book or chat with other guests. The Phuntsok House is a shoes off facility. We provide complimentary slippers upon arrival and/or bring your favorite slippers from home.  

                                                                             (Padmasambhava - Buddha of Compassion)

An ideal place for all who enjoy a good mystery and have a sense of humor.

Explore the Humor and Personal Feng Shui of Phuntsok at you leisure and pleasure.  Take a spiritual journey, or enjoy  the Spiritual Iconography of the Thangkas, lamps, artwork, Tibetan/Oriental antique furniture, and carpets throughout. A visit to Phuntsok can be a Treasure Hunt of the Mind and Heart.  

Cincinnati is listed in FORTUNE magazine as one of the top 10 "Best Cities" in the "World" to work and live in. 

Cincinnati is Located in the Tri State area on the Ohio River and minutes away from Kentucky and Indiana. Live Music, Opera. The Riverfront features the Serpentine Wall, Riverboat excursions, many fine restaurants, parks, tennis courts, football and baseball stadiums, downtown shopping with Sax Fifth Avenue, The Contemporary Art Museum, Fire Museum, Taft Museum, River Mansions, Drake Planetarium and more....

We are 1 hour from: Dayton and Oxford, OH; 2 hours from: Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN; and Louisville or Lexington, Ky.


Subtle humor built into the interior design as well as esoteric  relationships between objects in rooms, between rooms and rooms, and between people and objects and rooms.  

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