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". . . To provide not only a Sound Scientific Basis for Spirituality, but just as importantly, provide a Sound Spiritual Basis for Science.  Compassion Demands This." 

Refuge Prayer
In the Sugatas of the Three Roots, the true Three Jewels, 
In the bodhichitta, nature of the channels, energies and essences
And in the mandala of essential nature, natural expression and compassion,
I take refuge until I reach the heart of enlightenment.

Arousal of Bodhichitta
May the sublime and precious bodhichitta
Be aroused in those in whom it has not yet arisen.
And where it has arisen may it never degenerate,
But always grow from strength to strength.

Dedication of Merit
Emulating the hero Manjushri,
Samantabhadra and those with knowledge,
I too make a perfect dedication
Of all actions that are positive.


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