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Facility Photos  

"Feng Shui:  The Art of Making Space Life Affirming!"   

Entry to Phuntsok   

"The Journey Home Begins."

Put on your favorite slippers and refresh yourself from a busy day.

We'll fit you with a pair of Tai Chi slippers to take Home.

Home is where the Heart is and Heart is Pure Life.
  Feng Shui:    Everyone has Home.

The Sitting Room

"Companionship on the Journey."

The Sitting Room with piano is a favorite place for our guests to relax in, play a tune, read a book, talk with other guests or just put their feet up and take a nap.  This room has a lot of fun things to see. 

The best companionship encourages, inspires, and points the way home.  
Feng Shui: Saints, Bodhisattvas, and Buddhas.

The Refectory

"The Nourishment of Wisdom for the Journey."




Enjoy Buddhist Iconography - Each of these objects represent an aspect of the theme of the Refectory. 

Wisdom is the Heart calling us Home.

The Solarium

"The Skills to Make the Journey."

Overlooks the Meditation Garden.

The Cultivation of Loving Kindness towards oneself and others is more than just good business.  Feng Shui:  "Being in the World, but Not of It"

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