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      "Joy, Health and Celebration of Life go Hand In Hand."

Celebrate Life Every Opportunity You Have.

(Smiling Pansies From Our Front Yard!)

Life Affirming Special Occasion

"Joy, Health and Celebration of Life."


We will help you mark a "Memorable" time in your Life.  Create a "Special Memory" by celebrating a Holiday, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Graduation, Promotion, Retirement, Moving, Season Change, etc... We will be happy to help you with the accoutrements and ambiance for a long-remembered time.

                       *   Balloons in the room,
                       *   Bouquet of Flowers or a Take-Home Planter, 
                       *   Card for the occasion,
                       *   Other Important Items to make your Event a "Special Memory".

Advance notice needed for ordering.  Additional cost is based upon your request.

usiness Travelers Support

How can you think "Outside the Box" until you get "Out of the Box".

Our contemplative, phone/fax/email-free Feng Shui facility provides a fertile environment for you to re-charge, to re-think and to re-integrate your ideas into a fresh perspective.

Business goes better when you are at your best!

Busy schedule?  Meet your client's for breakfast at the Forum Grill, across the street.    Your breakfast is already included with your room.

ime Off To Think

"Rethink in a Green Urban Ecology Environment."

Rest, Recuperate, Recharge, Idle, Life Changes, New Job, Starting Business, Moving to Cincy.  Stroll Cincy's Zoo and Botanical Garden -5 minutes.  Visit Krohn Conservatory - 6 minutes.  See the Newport Aquarium with glass tunnels - 20 minutes. 

Our Life Affirming Feng Shui offers a Contemplative Environment designed to support your needs during "Life's Turning Points".

Filtered Air and Water as well as Triple Sheeting add to your overall well-being. We enhance the quality of your time here with full spectrum adjustable ambient lighting.

This could be the opportunity to take the "Space in Your Life" that you have neglected to take until now.

ime Without Offspring

"Go Home Renewed."  Phuntsok is Child-Free!

Stay out late. Lounge with a book, Go to Symphony, See a movie, Live show, Opera, Playhouse In The Park, Visit the Contemporary, Natural History, and Art Museums.  The Fire Museum, Taft House, Frank Lloyd Wright Union Terminal, Take an Ohio Riverboat Cruise, Omni Max Theater, or enjoy a late dinner out and performance at the Aronoff Center.

Surprise Your Spouse.

Life is for Celebrating !

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