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The Medicine Buddha Room

"Compassion is always Life Affirming because Life is always Life Affirming.  Compassion is Life expressing Itself in the Material World."


The Medicine Buddha Room  is a morning room receiving the day's first sun. Its private bath, our biggest, is 5 steps down the hall, has original marble wainscoting and an oversized claw foot tub for soaking. Monogrammed robes provided.


                                               Accommodates 2 People.
                                               Queen Bed with Triple Sheeting.
                                               Oversized Claw Foot Soaking Tub.
                                               2 Reclining Armchairs.
                                               Original Art Deco Fireplace with Heater/Logs.
                                               Infinite Ambient Lightning Control.



Our largest bath with oversized claw foot soaking tub.

Quartz and semi-precious stones arranged to support and harmonize energies.


Hand Painted Oriental Scroll, Amethyst, select books, Meditation Sash, Chinese Tai Chi Figurines.

 Tibetan Medicine Buddha Thangka

Also Enjoy: Handmade Tibetan Dragon Protection Rug, Framed Antique Embroidered Chinese Court Robe Panel, Photograph of Tai Chi Teacher doing Authentic Form, Antique Brass Servers, Antique Tibetan Chest, and more....

The sufferings of pain, disease and death are like bad dreams which simply disappear as the Sleeper awakens to the Healer within.  Medicine Buddha is that aspect of Compassion which heals all wounds and cures all disease. In the Unifying Oneness of Compassion each thing is complete.

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