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Name:    The Phuntsok House.                                                         
Most Pictures on Website are available in digital formats bmp, tiff ....  Please contact us to discuss.

Physical Address:  2641 Highland Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
Contact Persons:   Public Relations
Guest Rooms:  4 Rooms, each with: private bath, cordless private phone, answering machine, easy access modem hookups, and air purifier. 
Rates:  $150 - $275.00
Language: English
AAA Inspected - 3 Diamond Rated
PAII, Professional Association of Innkeepers International
Green Option Accommodation
Tai Chi
Played Here.
Facility Description: 
"The most distinctive Bed/Breakfast/Retreat in the area.
"Come Home With Us to "Tibet in the City" at The Phuntsok House in Uptown Cincinnati, Ohio.
A visit to Phuntsok can be a Treasure Hunt of the Mind and Heart.

We are a unique new breed of "Hypoallergenic Oriented Environmental Bed and Breakfast" coming alive to meet the needs of the 21st Century while honoring the tradition of offering "Bed and Breakfast" to travelers. We are an unusual urban respite offering a rare compliment of business and personal amenities to individuals, small groups, workshops and retreats.  Our friendly Green Urban Ecology emphasizes filtered air and filtered water .

The Phuntsok House is a celebration of Buddhist Heritage showcased in a classic 1885 Cincinnati Victorian home. The interior and exterior of the facility have been designed and coordinated through Feng Shui and selected Museum Quality Tibetan Buddhist/Oriental Iconography, Art, and Antiques.  This is the context for theme of the facility and each of the 4 guest rooms:  The Medicine Buddha Room, The Shambhala Room, The Tara Room, and the Monk's Bunk Room.

The Sitting Room with piano and Refectory with snacks are favorite places for the guests. 

Where is it:   
A "Taste of Tibet" in the City at The Phuntsok House in Uptown Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Centrally Located:  Phuntsok offers you Cincinnati at its most Accessible to:   5 Universities, 6 Hospitals, Downtown, I-75 and I-71, Zoo, Botanical Gardens, Art and Natural History Museums, Krohn Conservatory, Music Hall, Playhouse in the Park, Aronoff Center for the Arts, Eden Park, Newport Aquarium, Tennis Courts, and more.
Cincinnati is located in the Tri State area on the Ohio River and minutes away from Kentucky and Indiana. Live Music, Opera, Playhouse in the Park and the Aronoff Center for the Arts. The Riverfront features the Serpentine
Wall, Riverboat excursions, many fine restaurants, parks, tennis courts, football and baseball stadiums, downtown shopping with Sax Fifth Avenue, The Contemporary Art Museum, Fire Museum, Taft Museum, River Mansions, Drake Planetarium and more.....

We are 1 hour from: Dayton and Oxford, OH; 
We are2 hours from: Columbus, OH; Indianapolis, IN; and Louisville or Lexington, Ky.

Cincinnati is listed in FORTUNE magazine as one of the top 10 "Best Cities" in the "World" in which to work and live. 

Amenities essential to the well-being of our Guests.  

"The Magic, Mystery and Outrageous Subtle Humor of Spirituality in the Material World."

Complimentary Tai Chi Slippers upon arrival. 
Monogrammed Robes in all rooms.
Fresh "Himalayan Air" created through humidity control, polyatomic oxygen generation, and mechanical and electrostatic filtration.
Hepa Air Filter in each room with silent and white noise settings.

Designed by a Feng Shui Physics Master
Located in the Feng Shui Heart of Cincinnati.

"Feng Shui: The Art of Making Space Life Affirming!"  

  • This Bed and Breakfast could be an answer to the stress of modern life.” All of Phuntsok is designed for maximum comfort and support of our guests using the principles of Feng Shui.  

  • The placement of objects, their relationship to each other and to rooms are a unique marriage of form and function.  (Both inside and outside the Facility.)  

  • These principles help provide the guests with an external opportunity to internalize the space, placement of objects and taste the manifestation of these phenomena for a unique and enhancing personal experience.  

  • Explore the Humor and Personal Feng Shui of Phuntsok at you leisure and pleasure.  

  • Take a spiritual journey, or enjoy  the Buddhist Iconography of the Thangkas, lamps, artwork, Tibetan/Oriental antique furniture, and carpets throughout. 

  • Subtle humor built into the interior design as well as esoteric  relationships between objects in rooms, between rooms and rooms, and between people and objects and rooms. 

Full spectrum lights to help balance the body through the seasons. You may find yourself feeling more cheerful while here.
For your Lighting Comfort, ambiance, relaxation and ease of usability: Each lamp in the facility has a Sliding Lutron adjustor within easy reach to adjust all the lighting levels in your room and throughout Phuntsok.
Hypo-allergenic oriented smoke-free-pet-free environment, low allergen rugs/draperies and mattresses/pillows encased in anti-dust/mold covers.
Gentle Glycerin and Cold Cream Soaps  in our guests' rooms.
We use Human Friendly laundry/cleaning products with bleach alternatives.
Showers with Chlorine Filtration for fresh skin.  Showers have safety temperature control valve; independent pressure control valve.  Each shower head has an infinite water spray adjustment dial and shower head that lifts off for rinsing hair and body.
Iron, Ironing Board, Clothes Line.
Clock Radio
with dual alarm.

Triple sheeting, noise & light control, adjustable pillows, plush mattresses and inviting seating.

  • Mattresses and Pillows are encased in special hypoallergenic covers to prevent allergen causing dust and mold from entering.

  • The largest pillows on each bed have three settings. When you arrive they are set for firm, for a medium pillow, remove 1 of the 2 centre inserts, for a soft pillow remove both inserts. 

  • Triple sheeting provides the freshest bedding and a wonderful way to tuck you in for the night.

  • Walls have sound insulation between rooms.

  • Windows have special triple laminated interior historical storms for noise dampening and even heating and cooling .

  • Plush  Mattresses and specially selected seating provide you with a “Supportive Atmosphere.”

  • Ambiance is set by full spectrum lighting enhanced with control dimmers beside each lamp, and two-phase dimmers on the electric era ceiling lights.

Bookcase on the 2nd floor with related books and magazines.
Includes Executive Breakfast with extended serving hours -one block away at the Vernon Manor's Forum Grill.     
Filtered water used in for drinking. 
Victorian Dining Room replete with an 1885 hand-caved, candled fireplace and a 9 1/2 ' long 17th century replicated refectory table from around which to socialize and enjoy beverages. 

Wet bar with filtered water and filtered Insta-Hot water for tea, coffee and hot beverages.

Enjoy museum quality Tibetan Antiques and spiritual iconography in our relaxed meditative atmosphere. The Sitting Room is an inviting space to play the piano, put your feet up, nap, read a book or chat with other guests. Phuntsok is a shoes off facility. We provide complimentary slippers upon arrival and/or bring your favorite slippers from home.  

We offer a Contemplative Atmosphere for upscale small corporate groups to think  "Outside the Box".

We offer Business Traveler Support for individual and small corporate groups.  Our Contemplative phone/fax/email-free  Feng Shui Sanctuary provides just the opportunity to pause, re-integrate and grow your business with new eyes. 

Facility Design:  The Phuntsok House, exterior and interior, is like a mathematical equation of a principal of physics in which the equation itself is expressed multi-dimensionally in sound, light, colour, ---all the senses ---instead of just numbers, letters, and other symbols.  For example imagine E=mc2 expressed as a human experience of life.  Or imagine the sound and taste and smell of the law of conservation of mass and energy in stoichiometry .

Guest Comments

Dear Leah & Bob:

"I just wanted to say thank you for making my stay such a pleasant one. It was a pleasure meeting you and I wish all the best for the various upcoming events you have."       LH, Washington, DC

"Many thanks... for your compassionate and energetic attention during my recent stay in Cincinnati." 

"All of the amenities are provided ... along with a Tibetan ambiance."   BR, Case Western Reserve

"Many thanks for being the perfect host & hostess for our Tourism meeting. Your facility is exquisite! We look forward to working with you and promoting your beautiful B & B."  Staff, Greater Cincinnati Convention and Tourists Bureau

"Thank you for your kindness and friendliness.  The house is so lovely.....my sleep was peaceful and restorative."


Reviews ( more details and pictures...)

Cincinnati Magazine, October 2001 - "Best of the City" 
"the inn crowd - Make like a celebrity and retreat to one of these historic B&Bs for a quick escape"
"Imagine the tranquility you feel after a full body massage, and you'll understand the atmosphere that (the owners) create at their bed and breakfast in Corryville.  The philosophy at (The Phuntsok House), a painstakingly restored 1885 Queen Anne Victorian, is based on Buddhist principles making it what the (owners) call the most "distinctive bed-and-breakfast" in the area... offer certain amenities they feel are essential to the well-being of their guests.  ...each guest (receives) a pair of Tai Chi slippers, black flats that conform to your feet.  The inn is environmentally friendly and smoke-free.  Special generators are designed to removed pollutants and allergens from the indoor air... Filtered water..for...drinking and bathing.  All lights, including table lamps, are adjustable, and some are designed to help counteract the effects of seasonal affective disorder.

Tibetan antiques furnishings, colorful door flags and wall hangings enhance the four artistically designed guest rooms, which are arranged according to the principles of Feng Shui, the Oriental art of placing the right objects in the right locations to create harmony and balance.  In each room, for example, the bed is placed where sleepers have a clear view of the door.  Each room has a private bath...

...(The Phuntsok House) is within walking distance of the University of Cincinnati and a short drive to restaurants in Clifton and downtown Cincinnati.

Insiders Guide Cincinnati  2001, Fourth Edition, Page 100, Falcon Publishing, Inc.
(The Phuntsok House).... honors the long-standing tradition of ...(offering) bed and a breakfast to travelers.  There are four rooms (including the Shambhala Room), all with private baths as well as a sitting room and solarium, amenities include fresh "Himalayan air," full spectrum lights, filtered water, a hypo-allergenic environment and dye-and perfume-free laundry...

Digital City.Com April 1, 2001
Phuntsok Dechen Ling
‘Tibet in the City’ offers quiet respite.
(The Phuntsok House) may be the most unusual "bed and breakfast" in Cincinnati...restored 1885 Victorian...(The Phuntsok House is) committed to offering amenities: (including) "Himalayan Air" created through polyatomic oxygen generators, filtered water, full spectrum lighting,... and a hypoallergenic-oriented smoke-free, pet-free, Feng Shui environment. The four guest rooms are furnished with a private bath... (The Phuntsok House) is perfect for business travelers or small business meetings and Retreats, ... The inn is within walking distance of the University of Cincinnati..... Mary Beth Crocker

10 Biz Basics - Ten Best Directory
The Phuntsok House) This bed and breakfast could be an answer to the stress of modern life... A seamless synthesis of the mystical and concrete. Four (Guests) rooms ... Not your typical lodging spot!"

About the House ( pictures )

Our house, 2641 Highland Avenue, was built in 1885 in a Classic Cincinnati Victorian style. We are only the 5th owners in 116 years. Dr. Ziegler owned the house for a part of its history and kept it up well during his tenure. Rosemary Ziegler's name is still in cement at the back of the house. Two pediatricians, husband and wife, purchased the building and added a half bath on the first floor in the 1950's. The home was then broken into a multi-family dwelling, as happens with so many of our precious old Victorians. During this time, the house was fortunate to be blessed with the occupancy of Suzanne Farrell, one of the world's great Prima Ballerinas. It was in this house as a young girl she "danced through the archways" as the one hour PBS  Television Special described her time here. The house was then located directly across from the Conservatory of Music. (Sadly the Conservatory has since been torn down.) According to the PBS Special, Susanne Farrell's mother took her and her 2 sisters directly from our house to New York City, NY to continue her studies before entering the famous New York City Ballet under the direction of their world famous director, George Balanchine. One of our neighbors continues to keep  in touch with with Ms. Farrell.  Ms. Farrell is now retired. We would like to invite her for a visit. 

We have inquired and had several notations from architects about this Victorian structure and have a " National Historic Register" application and have begun researching. The local architects find the house of merit as well as the fact that there is a sister house next door which they feel would also be eligible. Three of the six fireplaces are still with a beautiful original finish. The entire entry, nook and staircase are original as are the Second Street Studio designed the five cut glass windows around the front door in 1884-85.

One of the more recent owners had both the windows and front staircase boarded up for 25 years - resulting in a preservation goldmine they couldn't have foreseen..  We have researched the carvings on both the stair case and fireplaces. They were done by a well know University of Cincinnati Professor of Art, Dr. Frye. The hand painted tiles surrounding the front entry fireplace are signed by the artist, Burgess.   We have been  researching the last several years trying to find the history of this artesian. The inset tiles around the fireplaces are probably from the Rookwood Pottery.  We have been involved in extensive renovation and have kept the facility in an historically correct manner as well as brought back some areas to their original state. We have preserved the log cabin style floors throughout. 

To date, we have been unable to locate original blueprints or pictures of either the interior or exterior of the house. In researching the exterior colours of our home, we have been led to believe they are still the same colour as they were in 1885. Our neighbor, who has lived here 60 years, says the current colours on the house are the only ones she can ever remember the house being painted.


Cincinnati Overview

"The City of Seven Hills"
{For the 7 hills Cincinnati is built on.}     
"Queen City"
(by Winston Churchill)
"Queen City of the West" {By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
"CINCY" {For those who could not spell.}                                            
{For those who could not spell Cincy.}
"The NATI" {Affectionate Name by Locals.}

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow called it the "Queen City of the West" in the 19th Century when Cincinnati was an important rail and river hub.  Today it is a Midwest and International Air Hub as well as a dynamic urban center in the southwest of Ohio along the Ohio River. Cincinnati is physically connected to Kentucky by the Roebling suspension bridge.  Cincinnati was once the crossroads between the North and South and now serves as a historical landmark for the Underground Railroad and acts as good jumping off point to explore Kentucky and Indiana.

Special Annual Events in Cincinnati, Ohio  

June - Summerfair - Coney Island, Anderson.  Over 250 artists from around the nation sell their wares with country, jazz and pop band music.  Special shows, restaurants and arcades games in the backdrop of  the country's largest 2 acre swimming pool, pedal boats and amusement rides.

July - Newport Arts and Music Festival.  Local and regional art and music along with food and tours.

July - Fourth of July Celebration, Bicentennial Commons.  Strolling entertainment through the Park, volley ball tournament with Fireworks to top the evening at l0 pm.

July - U.S. Air and Trade Show, Dayton International Airport, Dayton, Ohio. (1 hour)  Blue Angels, the Army's Gold Knights precision parachute team, wing walkers, stunt pilots, constant flybys.  Hundreds of military planes on the ground.  Park at U.S. Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and tour the museum (World's largest air museum -open almost every day of the year.) before catching a shuttle to the air show.

August - County and State Fairs in the immediate tri-state area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. You're in farm country with fairs galore!

August - Renaissance Festival, Waynesville - every weekend between late August and mid-October.


September - Kitchen Bath & Design Show

September - Riverfest on Labor Day  the Ohio River, downtown -over 500,000 people for fireworks, food,     entertainment and air show.

September - Octoberfest -Zinzinnati - Over 500,000 people sing, dance and eat German.

October - Cincinnati Antiques Festival, Sharonville Convention Center.

November -
Festival of Lights, Cincinnati Zoo - a must see "Winter Wonderland"of over 2 million lights, nativity, entertainment, food, live animals, ice skating, Mid November through first week of January.

December -
Festival of Lights, Cincinnati Zoo - a must see "Winter Wonderland"of over 2 million lights, nativity, entertainment, food, live animals, ice skating, Mid November through first week of January.

December - New Year's Events, The Cincinnati area offers many different options.  Most downtown hotels, and nightclubs offer package evenings to welcome in the New Year.  The Symphony holds a formal event with concert and dinner.

December - The Nutcracker Ballet, Music Hall.


January -Festival of Lights, Cincinnati Zoo - a must see "Winter Wonderland"of over 2 million lights, nativity, entertainment, food, live animals, ice skating, Mid November through first week of January.

January - Custom Car Show
January - Travel Sport & Boat Show
January - RedsFest

February - Fine Arts Funds Sampler

March - Home & Garden Show, Sabin Convention Center - runs week long in early March.


April - Cincinnati Flower Show, Ault Park, Mount Lookout, One of the largest, well known open-air flower and garden festivals in the United States.  Clinics and seminars by growers, designers and florist from all over the world as well as miles of display exhibits.   Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society of Great Britain.

April - Krohn Conservatory Easter Display

April -
International Wine Festival,  Sabin Convention Center.

April -
Cinergy Field Opening Day

May - Appalachian Festival, Coney Island - biggest Appalachian craft show in the United States. 

May - Butterfly Show, Krohn Conservatory - Over 1200 butterflies to walk among including the world
's largest butterfly. 

May - Flying Pig Marathon, Starts at Union Terminal.  A 26.2 mile marathon with runners from all over the world.  Includes a wheelchair and walkers division.

May - May Festival, Music Hall - Dating from 1873 with the oldest continuous choral and orchestral music festival in the United States. Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, world renown opera soloists, University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Choir and Chorale, the Conservatory's Children's Choir and the Cincinnati Boychoir along with 250-all -volunteer May Festival Chorus.

What to See and Do In Cincinnati, Ohio

- 5 Minutes

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens One of top two Zoo's in United States.  Set in Beautiful Gardens.  Plan a whole day.  Must see their "Festival of Lights" Winter Wonderland - November - January.

University of Cincinnati                     Cincinnati State                 Union Institute
Hebrew Union College                        Xavier University              Good Samaritan
University Hospital                              Children's Hospital          Christ Hospital              

Clifton Gaslight District
with Shops and Restaurants.

Phuntsok Dechen Ling
Tibetan Buddhist Research and Retreat Gompa housing a Buddhist Inspired Bed and Breakfast with 21st Century Amenities.  People of all faiths can enjoy a Green Urban Ecology Hypoallergenic Environmental facility with Feng Shui, Buddhist Iconography and Expanded Business Traveler Amenities. (513) 961-6455

Mount Adams - 6 Minutes

Named after President John Quincy Adams who gave the dedication address for what was then the world's most powerful observatory.  A monastery now sits on the spot.  Mt Adams is known for its Wine, Art, Entertainment and Architectural Styles.

Cincinnati Art Museum        Cincinnati Art Academy                              Playhouse in the Park
Krohn Conservatory               Wessel Gallery of Cincinnati Art Club    Mirror Lake                          

Parks, Trails, and Overviews
to walk, picnic and run in.
restaurants, nightclubs, taverns, and many specialty shops.
Home of the famous Rookwood Pottery
and since converted to the Rookwood Restaurant that serves meals in the old kilns.
The Celestial Restaurant - One of the nicest dining views in Cincinnati.  Jackets required.

Downtown - 7 Minutes 

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County - Ranks number one  in the nation for circulation per card holder and also ranks number one in the country for  holdings per capita. (10.9 items per person.)
William Howard Taft Museum
 One of two of President Taft's Cincinnati Homes.  Now a museum beautifully restored  featuring original carpets, artwork, furniture, and a gift shop.  A delightful little tour. 
Aronoff Center for the Arts - Live Performances and Concerts of all types.
Cincinnati Fire Museum See the history of firefighting in Cincinnati at this museum which has hands-on exhibits, restored antique firefighting equipment and more. Walking 3 floor tour of exhibits, theatre presentation, old time fire trucks, and safety.
Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and POPS
Music Hall 
World-renowned for its colorful history, stunning architecture and fine acoustics, offers informative and entertaining tours at no charge  Reservations are required in advance. For more information or to arrange a tour, call (513) 744-3419

Contemporary Art Center 
Cincinnati Ballet 
Union Terminal - 15 Minutes.  Frank Lloyd Wright's " Train Station Masterpiece". Allow time to whisper across the Terminal's arches, walk through the cavernous station with skylights, vaulted ceiling, catwalks and historical mosaics. Plan to spend the day.
Cincinnati Museum Center is in the Terminal and houses the following attractions:

History Museum - Cincinnati's rich heritage in re-created scenes. 
OMNIMAX Theatre - Experience the thrill and awe of films on the five-story wrap-around, domed screen. 
Cinergy Children's Museum -Action-packed hands-on fun for kids of ages. 
Cincinnati Historical Society Library - Explore the creatures and features of the ancient Ohio River Valley and the science that shaped them.

Jazz Blues Clubs
The Riverfront
features the Serpentine Wall, Riverboat excursions, many fine restaurants, parks, tennis courts, football and baseball stadiums, downtown shopping with Sax Fifth Avenue.

Kentucky - 20 minutes

Newport Aquarium - 20 Minutes
Features walk through glass tunnels.

The Phuntsok House
Cincinnati, Ohio

Ideal Stayover     Centrally Located    Cyber-Oriented     Up-Scale

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Public Relations 


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