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"The Fruit of Compassionate Actions and Words is Egoless Confidence." 

Our guests are quite special to us and we look forward to each visitor coming to stay at Phuntsok.

    Gift Certificates can be purchased by the reservation process below.
Surprise someone with "Special Memories" from $100.
    All Rates and Policies apply.  Valid 1 year from date of purchase.
            Children on individual basis.

How to Make a Reservation to Stay with Us:
1)  Choose a Room from the "Guest Rooms".
2)  Call us with your Room and Dates for availability and,
3)  Reserve your visit with a credit card for the amount of the stay to, 
4)  Receive your confirmation number - We will also email a confirmation.

We feel it is important to talk with you, find out what ways we can make you comfortable, and how to enhance your stay. We want your time with us, whether business or personal, to be a "Special Memory."  

Please call ahead to reserve a room as we are by "Reservation Only".  Your phone call will allow us to determine your needs, check availability and to make the appropriate arrangements prior to your arrival.  Clicking on Rates & Policies will also help you define your needs.

We are sorry we are no longer open. The Cincinnati riots brought the city's tourist industry to a halt. Then 911 shortly following ground the travel and retreat industry to an extreme slow-down and we were unable to recover.


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