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The Shambhala Room

"Compassion is always Life Affirming because Life is always Life Affirming.  Compassion is Life expressing Itself in the Material World."


Our largest room, The Shambhala Room, features:  first daylight through the four stain glasses over the 8' bay window seat, Original Fireplace with Heater/Log Stove, Room side Pedestal Sink, Antique Sconce, Electric Era ceiling Chandelier, and beveled glass transom over the door for "Himalayan Airflow".  Monogrammed robes provided.


                                               Accommodates 2 People
                                               King Bed with Triple Sheeting.
                                               Attached Water Closet with Shower.
                                               2 Inviting Armchairs.
                                               Original  Fireplace with Heater/Log Stove
                                               Infinite Ambient Lightning Control

Inviting Pair of Armchairs


                           Roomside Sink                                Attached Water Closet and Shower

Also Enjoy: Handmade Tibetan Crane and Lotus Rugs, Oriental Incense Vase Lamps, Framed Antique Embroidered Chinese Court Robe Panel, Hammered Antique Brass Plate, Antique brass Altar Lotus Pedal candle holders...


Close-up of hand painted Tibetan Shambhala Thangkas


               Original Birdseye Maple Fireplace                 Tibetan Carved Jade Dog

The Myth of Shangri-La is based on Shambhala, a profound and complex combination of Theory and Spiritual Practices. Shambhala is the Theory and Application of Compassion to the Formation and Actualization of Family and Society. The Path of Shambhala leads to Authentic, Harmonious and Spontaneous Heart to Heart Interaction of Human beings, i.e. Peace on Earth.

The Shambhala Room - Please Use Browser  "Back" Arrow when done. 

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