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Who Are We

"Religion and Science Meet at One Point:  The Point Where Consciousness Meets Awareness.  But this is only the Root of Compassion.  The Real Fun begins when ..."


Phuntsok Dechen Ling is a response to the Scientific and Spiritual Renaissance of the New Millennium.  We are Classical Research Scientists using the Scientific Method  - focused to Interface Western Science and Religion at an International level.

PDL is an example of Engaged Spirituality: A Seamless Synthesis of the Mystical and Concrete.  

The Mission of Phuntsok Dechen Ling is that of World Peace and Health.  Phuntsok Dechen Ling is a Tibetan Buddhist Research Gompa, therefore it is intrinsically ecumenical in scope as it researches unbiasedly all Religions and equally unbiasedly addresses the tenets of Modern Science itself. All faiths are welcome at Phuntsok Dechen Ling to rest from traveling or take Retreat and/or Studies.  Otherwise, Phuntsok Dechen Ling is a Cloistered Environment.

PDL is a Non Profit Organization:
Supported by proceeds from its Bed and Breakfast, special events, and donations.  

To Support PDL:  With a Tax Deductible Donation:  Email@ThePhuntsokHouse.org


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